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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Our love story just like ....

chat sembang
gaduh memanjang
dari zaman mesej 1 sen
ke whasp using mobile data

no phone call at the middle night

and the relationship suddenly
stop and we move on each other

kau kau. aku aku.

u and your own life.
me and the new one.

we planned. Allah also.
but perancangan Allah is da best among the best.

second chances waiting for us.
here we comes.

the new u. the new me.
still same name and body.
learn from old mistakes.
grab da chances. hope to change.

and pop..!!
its happen quickly.

fiance ~~~ we re engaged!
from schoolmate be soulmate.

oh mai...

tenks dear. for da love. for da sacrifice.
for da loyalty. for da sincerely...

luv u so much.
thanks to Allah.
temukan kita semula.


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